The 6 Secrets to Transforming Your Legs – and Ultimately Your Whole Body

One day, I got fed up with all of the “someone skipped leg day” comments, and decided to do something about it. To be clear, I’ve never been one to skip leg day. However, my history of knee injuries had made it difficult for me to train my lower body as often or as hard [...]

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8 Muscles She Wants More Than a Six-Pack

Sure, women love a guy with a chiseled six-pack. But that's not the only body part they check out at the beach (or in bed). And while each woman has a different favourite muscle, these eight (in no particular order) are at the top of every female's "what I notice" list. Take a look, then [...]

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Does it Matter How Fast You Lift?

In life, each of us tends to move at our own pace. Some of us walk, talk, and eat faster or slower than others. Research tells us that different speeds come with different costs and benefits. Walking faster, for example, burns more calories than walking slowly. Those who talk faster are more persuasive. And those [...]

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